FREE famous urdu novel series (Imran Series by Mazhar Kaleem M.A)

Mazhar Kaleem is a contemporary of Ibn-e-Safi in writing Imran series and he just copied the few prinicipal characters but always had a different style. While many writers notably Safdar Shaheen & Ibne-Rahat tried to cash in on the popularity of Imran he is unparalleled now as undisputed master of writing Imran Series. He has written over four hundred novels and has introduced new style of spy novels writing. Almost every grown up person in Pakistan who had been fond of reading has read one or more of his novels. He is based in Multan.

During 1960-1963, while Ibn-e-Safi was suffering from schizophrenia, many amateur writers started posing themselves as Ibn-e-Safi and produced third class copies of his work, distorting the character of not only Ali Imran, but also of Colonel Faridi and Captain Hameed. These acts of vandalism were reported by Ibn-e-Safi himself in the paish-rus (preface) of "Dairh Matwaalay" (One and a Half Amused - #42) (which was the novel he returned with after his recovery). Some writers and publishers still continue to write on Safi's characters, much to the annoyance of many fans. Safi used to mention fans' complaints sometimes in the prefaces, and mocked the fake publishers and writers in his own witty style.

Imran Series has a range of diverse, colourful, and sentient characters. Some of the members of secret service include X2 (played by Ali Imran and Tahir aka BlackZero), Juliana Fitzwater, Safdar Saeed, Tanveer Ashraf , Khawar, Chauhan, Nomani , Siddeeque, etc. Imran's family includes his father Karam-Rahman (also mentioned as Abdul Rahman in initial books), mother Amma Bi, and sister Surayya. Imran's escorts include driver/body-guard Joseph Mugunda Central Africa, cook Sulaiman, and Sulaiman's wife Gul-Rukh.

Now-a-days in new books, names of characters are given below, namely: Tahir/Black Zero, Ali Imran M.Sc. and D.Sc. (oxen), Juliana Fitzwater (Julia), Sualeha, Safdar Saeed, Tanveer Ashraf, Captin Shakeel, Siddeeque, Chauhan, Khawar, Nomani, Captin Babar (in some novels), Tiger (Rizwan), Joseph, Juana, Sulaiman, Sir Sultan etc.

Some writers who acquired fame by writing their own versions of Imran Series (specially after the death of Ibn-e-Safi include Mazhar Kaleem,Safdar Shaheen, Ibn-e-Rahat, Mushtaq Ahmed Qureshi, H.Iqbal, Ayne Safi, MA Rahat, MA Sajid, Ibne Kaleem, Azhar Kaleem, M.A PeerzadaIbne Kaleem, S.Qureshi, N-Safi,Nasir Javed, Zaheer Ahmed, Irshad Alaser Jaferi, Syed Ali Hassan Gillani, Ali Nawazish. Mazhar Kaleem is still writing novels and enjoys enough fan-following. He has introduced many new characters in the series. Fans of Ibn-e-Safi, however, dismiss Kaleem's books, arguing that Kaleem distorted the original 'feel' of the series, and that he deformed the key characteristics of many characters, including Ali Imran. Nevertheless, his novels have a significant readership.

Special thanks to Wikipedia for providing above details of Imran Series.


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